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Children's Ministry

The Children Ministry at New Generation Community Church is led by Sr. Kareen Supre.

Sr. Kareen  has been the Director for 10 years counting. The vision of the Children Ministry is through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in partnership with parents. Sr. Kareen faithfully teaches the gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ to all children so that they will become disciples of Christ who trusts, serve, worship, and obey God. The Children's Ministry supports and models the value of grace and the glorification of God. We believe that God‘s gift of grace penetrates the children’s heart leading them to a life  of obedience and dedication to God. 

The Children Ministry team values their roles in the kingdom of God and their roles in the lives of the children. WE understand the responsibility and are committed to helping raise a future generation of young people that would hopefully impact their world for Christ. We are honored to share the gospel with children and to help them form their very first thoughts about who God is. Children are never too young to learn are a blessing from the Lord. God makes it clear in His word the responsibilities that we have to help teach and train these young people.

Children’s ministry is the most important, we get the opportunity to share unconditional love and tools to help grow them for a lifetime.


Children ministry allows us to pour these core values into children while they are still growing so that when they grow older, they will know these values. As we teach them Bible verses to remember, they are able to recall those later in life and times of trouble. Children are the NOW Generation.

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